Monday, September 27, 2010

Useful things

I figured I'd list a few programs and links that people would find useful here.

The program to give your explorer tabs is located here:

Far more options than MS Paint, less of a resource hog than photoshop (starts fast) (don't expect a photoshop clone, it's for the more simple tasks)

Starts as fast as notepad with a whole lot more options and support for loads of programming languages if you happen to be a programmer. Also fine for normal text editing.

BCWipe (last time I checked it's free)
Supports encrypting your swap file, multipass wiping (DOD and beyond) explorer shell extension, wiping recycle bin, etc. (in case you have something to hide).

Music player

* Proxy network: Use TOR

* Untracable file hosting: Use Freenet.
CHK postings are untracable and unrevokable. Once it's up, no one can take it down.

Download from

When you install, pick promiscuous mode.

Once it's been running for a while, post your noderef somewhere and see if you can get anyone to exchange with you. This will help build a private network of people.

To post files, go to /queue on your proxy
To download files, paste the key into the box on the main page of your proxy.

* Totally anonymous and secure email: use i2pmail

Install I2P:
Go to http://hq.postman.i2p to sign up for an account.
Use Susimail (built into the i2p proxy) to access it.

I2p also has some interesting file sharing networks running over it. There are internal bittorrent sites, as well as modified gnutella and ed2k networks.

The router's info page links to the internal bittorrent sites, for the other networks, check out imule.i2p, or poke around in the forums.

Current view of timezones:

EBA/Ouendan clone for PC:

12 Tips to Create a Sleep Haven:

Winwall v2.1
It randomly changes wallpapers.
It's only one of the little squares for options, I just wanted to show all the useful stuff.

Ever wanted to sign up for a forum but didn't want to give them your real email? It even does the copy&paste part for you, so all you have to do is ctrl v!

Media Convert
Change damn near anything to damn near anything (of the same media type):
You click on a food, it tells you all this shit you didn't know went with it. Blueberry and brie go together, by the way.

For virtual desktops on windows, nothing is better than dexpox.

My Lockbox
Awesome program that hides a folder until you enter a password to make it appear. It doesn't make it untracable from computer hackers, but at least prevents family/friends from even seeing where your embarassing or questionable files may be hidden, which is just the level of protection I need.
App for jailbroken iphones -
online encoder -
online decoder - 

Panoramic desktop.
---- documents, leaks, news etc

QuickNotes for ff
You can open up a notepad with ctrl+f7 [or something else if you want to customize your program]. has autosave and tab functions. i suggest it for the working anon.

If you forgot a word but know related ones or its definition, you can look it up here.

If you have a suspicious file, upload it here and it'll scan it with about thirty antivirus programs.

I recommend Piclens
Great to search for pictures, it shows you every pics there is on a scroll wall.


  1. I've heard a lot about Notepad++. I may actually have to give it a try.

    Cooliris was... well, cool. But it wasn't worth it. Maybe if you have T1 internet or something like it, it won't suck.

  2. This is a good list of programs. your contribution is most deserved.

  3. I already use some of those, pretty good list. Maybe you could add HoneyView3 to view your mango without unzipping.

  4. Cooliris is a great addon, it's great for viewing sites like danbooru, you can just scroll through thousand of pics soooooo easily. Nice reviews. Glad to know someone is out there keeping me informed of things I need to be aware of.

    We are lazy, ok.

  5. I love foobar, it's a great music program.