Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Joys of Credit

I remember how happy I was when I got my first credit card. Well, granted, it was a debit card, but what's the difference when you're a purchaser, anyway? Then again, I don't think debit cards improve your credit score. I won't use my credit score for quite a while, though, so I don't care.

I was (and still am) poor as fuck, but I did enjoy making my first online purchase from Amazon: a novel, though I don't remember which one. I used up all my saved birthday and Christmas money, put it all in my account, and bought a book a month. Did pretty well at ensuring I didn't run out of money too soon, until my extended family, who were giving me the birthday and Christmas money, suddenly forgot I existed.

Regardless, though I lack money, I've still things that I'd love to buy. Such is the problem of living in a consumer nation. For example, I was never one for material statues and such, but I've a list of 20 or so books I'd like to have in my possession, as well as some various vitamins and hormones for my own devices. Some clothes wouldn't be too bad either, but I've no place to hide them, if you understand my meaning.

One thing I'm quite curious about, though, is some gossip I heard on the grapevine about boosting your mental abilities, not much unlike abusing Ritalin or whatever medicine is prescribed for ADD and ADHD, save the fact that you aren't abusing under-the-counter drugs. Apparently, 'Piracetam' is such the cheap supplement that boosts your mental abilities. How and in what way, I've no clue, unfortunately. Maybe someone else knows more. I do know that you should also take Chlorine Bitartate with it, though, due to Piracetam depleting something or other that's important, but such a side effect is negated by this Chlorine Bitartate.