Sunday, September 26, 2010


Despite my feelings toward custom plushies, she's pretty damn adorable.

Plushies are all the rage, apparently, with their flimsy 2D hair, thin clothing, and big bulging eyes.

Unfortunately, I don't really care for plushies. Maybe a beanie-baby of a certain character or two would be nice, but a poorly-done, custom made plushie that was made in China and sold for five times the materials (Capitalism, ho!) isn't really something I want to cuddle with.

It's really disappointing to me that crocheting isn't as popular as making a plushie is, though that may be because crochet takes a bit of skill to do compared to simply gluing pieces together. A simple google search for "plushie anime" gives back tons of images of plushies from every type of medium, whereas "crochet anime" gives you more dolls from video games, and even more crochet socks.

 It's really quite annoying to me. Custom made plushies are nice, but they just don't have the same intrinsic feeling of warmth that holding a crochet doll brings.

If only I could find one of my favorite character...


  1. That Ico one is love. I think I've seen some people that will do some of these for around $20. Forgot where it was though..

  2. Damn man that ICO one is amazing. What I'd do to get a Wander.

  3. I agree they look way better than a plain ole' plushie one.