Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Having just finished the third season, I have to say that this is the best anime I have ever seen. The setting is wonderful, the music is absolutely gorgeous, the characters are all lovable, the art is beautiful, and the pacing was perfect, but more than that, by the end of the anime, I can't help but be filled with pure, unadulterated love toward Neo-Venezia and the dear Undines. The anime does very well at bringing you into its world to share in the happiness of the people of Aqua.

To be honest, after learning so much about the holidays and festivals, the occurrences, the sights, I almost wish to learn more about the Gnomes', Sylphs', and Salamanders' respective works, after learning so much about the Undines', even if only to immerse myself in their beautiful world a little while longer, but the ending to Aria was just so beautiful, I don't know if I want more to take away from the warm feeling of love I was left with.

I was a little disappointed I never found out about the man to be married, or had any reappearance of Cait Sith in the last season, but I realized that the former is pretty much irrelevant and I don't care about who he is so long as the new wife is happy, and the latter...well, concerning him, you can't really get any sort of closure. It'd just be wrong, considering who he is, right? Still, I think he deserved at least one appearance in the last season. I still have no clue why season three was only 13 episodes, compared to the second's 26. Oh, one more thing is that I felt Al's sudden 'growth spurt' odd and out of place. Especially considering what it already established as Gnome characteristics. Well, that, and their showing the elderly Gnome as shorter still than Al makes him growing taller extremely odd. I suppose you could chalk it up to genetics overcoming environment, but...

Never has an anime become so endeared to my heart, nor characters made me feel as deeply for them as these did. By the end of it, I felt myself desiring them all to just be happy, whatever it is they do, and even now I feel for them such unconditional love I never thought possible before.

If you haven't seen Aria, please do so, but more importantly, if you have seen it, watch it again. 
There's no way you could regret spending a few days in Neo-Venezia.