Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And so I shaved my arms

The first time I shaved my legs, I put on my pants and was immediately filled with such an obsessive feeling of misogyny, it threatened to make me cry in utter rage against womankind, and likely would have had the sheer pleasure I got from putting pants on after shaving my legs for the first time not been so overpowering. I exaggerate for effect, but it really felt absolutely mind-blowing. Like a full-powered orgasm focused on the very skin of my legs.

Unfortunately, I've not had the fortune to experience such a feeling after that first time. I guess my legs got used to being hairless, and even though I've gone months without shaving to try and achieve the feeling again, it has always been for naught.

So I decided to shave my arms. Naturally, I had worried for months that my arms suddenly going from forested, in my opinion, to hairless would cause looks, rude gestures, and name calling from absolute strangers. Complete nonsense, looking back. Granted, I don't live with my parents, but those I do live with either haven't noticed, or don't care enough to want to say anything about it. Though, they could be talking about me behind my back...

Really, though, even when I pass the mirror, it doesn't look that different at all. It's a bit disappointing that my arms aren't as pale as my legs are. Granted, I've no hope of being a trap of any kind, but it's not like I have anything against looking feminine or anything, b-baka...

I wish I could afford an epilator, but even then I probably couldn't use it due to, from what I understand, them making loud noises when they're on. Granted, I could no doubt find a time to use it when I won't impose on anyone with my noise, but I just don't know how loud they are relatively.

In any event, my hairless arms have made me realize how long and skinny my arms are, and I've become increasingly self-conscious about it. I don't have any money for clothes shopping, but I do wish I owned a shirt with long sleeves instead of just 6 T-shirts... People watching has shown me that boys and girls look good with horridly skinny arms when they're in long sleeves, so I should find a way to emulate.

Oh, one more thing. When I shaved my legs, it took near on two hours to do them both, and I missed multiple spots. Indeed, even shaving them now, there are still spots on my legs that I missed with 1in hair patches. My arms were a lot easier, though, and quicker. Might have something to do with the top part of your arm having hair, and not your entire arm. Unfortunately, I also have hair on my shoulders, extremely fine hair that looks like slight smudges of dirt in a mirror. That's a major hassle to shave.


  1. I guess I can understand why it would be appealing, but why'd you do it?

  2. "Why"?

    I guess the most accurate way to explain it would be to say that it just feels better, mentally. That is, when I think of my body image, being hairless just feels more natural and 'me' than having really hairy arms and legs. I guess it'd be like how some guys just naturally feel as if they should have a mustache or that they should naturally become buff and strong. I feel like it's more natural to be hairless.

    Ah, to define natural, since I used it a lot: Not natural in the sense of 'originality', but, at the risk of sounding like an armchair philosopher, more in the sense of being according to my nature as I feel it is as an individual.

    If that makes sense.

  3. Wait, you got an orgasm shaving your legs?

  4. Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Left a word out.

    No. And the pleasure was from putting on pants, and again later rubbing my legs together under the bedsheets.

  5. I've never shaved my arms. I'd actually like them to be a bit more hairy.

    I've shaved my legs before, though, and it didn't feel as good as you described it. Really, it's too much of a hassle for such a tiny difference.

    I've got no one to impress either. No point.

  6. A few friends of mine have used hair removal creams before, maybe that's a solution? I also heard that it hurts quite bad though.

  7. ...I tried it before. It was nice, but the hair grew back very itchy.

  8. Did you even shave your armpits....?